Custom Nameservers Service

Nameservers are used to direct traffic for your domain name to the server that hosts your website.

Quite often, customers on our shared hosting servers use those provided by us, however, custom nameservers are very appealling to customers who want to use our nameserver database but under their own domain. Custom nameservers can also be setup with their own associated IP's to complete the fully custom nameservers.

Our custom nameserver service can be purchased from our sister site

A quick mention about our nameservers, each of our shared hosting servers has a syncronised copy of our nameserver database for internal use. Domain names use at least two separate nameservers and to make the most of our nameserver services we have configured them in separate locations. Unlike most hosting services, we don't locate our nameservers on the same server, this doesn't make senseā€¦if the primary nameserver is down, the seconday nameserver kicks in, however, if they are located on the same server then the secondary nameserver won't work either, your domain name and it's website will appear offline!

Our nameservers are geolocated to allow for that necessary redundancy, should the primary nameserver fail then the secondary will take over. We have one in the US and the other in the UK, so if either goes offline you or your visits won't notice.

Custom nameservers are configured to use our nameserver configuration.

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